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. and that you need to provide us with sufficient information, not yes, no, you have to explain it. we have modified the application, several times in order for them to do that. but to tell them what they should say, i think is i tend to agree with josoline. >> let me add, not necessarily for a script, but a for certain permits have you to provide neighbors with a plan. and have them sign a form that says, they have seen the plan, and that they have been given a number that they can call if they have any problems. that is an example. >> but, yeah, like, if there is like a light impact issue that is going to effect the neighbors, i think that noise is definitely something that i would think merits, i don't want to put the applicants into so much burden to put in an application but there should be some minimum structure and guidance around what out reach looks like. that is not necessarily spoon-feeding them the dialogue. they can figure out themselves how to say it but you have to cover concern information in an out reach plan. >> there has been some neighborhood out reach, i have seen or we
of type of ammunition that is in lethal property designed for use by military personnel. anything sold black talent which was designed with sharp prongs to cause significant injury upon impact. any ammunition designated by manufactures to sale to law enforcement or military agencies only, any ammunition that serves no sporting purpose and any ammunition to disbanned or other objects that are intended to increase the damage of the target. now the ordinances also required by the police department to create and maintain a public data base of brands and product lines of ammunition meeting the definition of this ordinance. the second ordinance would actually expand on the city's existing record requirements by requiring that any person selling 500 or more rounds of ammunition to someone in a single transaction they must report the sale to the police chief within 24 hours. this is required for anyone who sells ammunition in the city or delivers to city addresses. san francisco violence -- while legislation is not a panacea it is another tool for our efforts to address gun violence. since in
indicator we use is the annual revenues that has been hoover over 4 percent. the bigger story is we've got one account that repeals half of the out standing amount and once we're able to resolve that the delinquent rate will drop. now predictably we lost money in the industrial space storage facilities and parking lot this was due to the america's cup project as well as the displacement where the crews ship term is being built. we need the city to rehe bureaus us dues to some complications has not generated revenue for us however, we're expecting a revenue reimburse time. a lot of those costs have been offset by parking lot meter funds >> good afternoon commissioner this is marilyn i'm from the medical examiner division financial analysts. on the maritime does the revenue is up by 21.4 percent. and it's from two sectors cargo. and by construction projects. and a one time shift from payment from the economy and taxes increase. on ship repair activity is up assault of drudging the basin completed in 2011 it allows bigger ships to come into the yard for bigger projects. port wide revenue is
that the ringing of and use of pagers and cell phones are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised the chair may order the person to be roechd from this meeting for using those advised. the public has up to 3 minutes on each agenda item. >> good afternoon, members of the public thank you for joining us today, i have a short report. the first is to mention publically that the fish man's chapel is going to be open to the public an select days at select times on monldz and friday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. historically it's been by appointment only it's meant to be a transcribe button to the fishermen who have been lost at sea and to the pedicab who have contributed to our place. we get a lot of out of town visits and by pure open hours it will be open to the public expect on mondays and fridays for holidays. the chapel is looking for volunteers so if you are wanting to volunteer please let us know. also speaking of fish man's waver our women jackie douglas has been inducted into the hall of fame. and to be a candidate for induction you have to inspire thousands of california i can't underst
point for us. so, what we're going to start with is who has a history of that performance. does it guarantee they'll always do well? so, it's part of the use agreement assuming they don't do as well for whatever reason. we'd be pulling those back and redistributing them to companies that do express an interest, the desire that want to service that community. >> thank you, that's all i had. >> thank you. any other directors? thank you very much. * we closed public comment. so, members, what is your pleasure? >> i do have -- >> [speaker not understood]. >> i think it is important for us to look at this as a starting point. there is a lot of work to be done on this program overall in terms of ensuring equal access for [speaker not understood] out there. i tried to get a ramp cab at night several times and was unsuccessful personally. i'm just saying there is a lot of work to be done. helping our drivers and the companies who provide excellent service, providing more of an incentive than what we're talking about here is an important consideration for the future. >> the whole point,
is essentially obligated to use as well as the rva team has come into existence, why? why do they continue to evolve? that is simple. they keep current. and we all know that we have ages around the world who we pay the tax dollars for to collect information. >> protective design strategies are enhanced and we need to learn from lessons, what structural engineers and what architects have done on projects to make them safer? you heard him say that in 08 and 09 we were in a conceptual phase and into a schemeatic phase in 2009 and ten. and as the design has emerged so has the information and intelligence and opportunity for the building and protective design standpoint. there are many other guidelines other than the ones that i mentioned, which get updated almost every year and i listed some of them there, and the building infrastructure and the criteria for creation of buildings without counter terrorism and federal management documents 426 and 452, these are like the tax code, but if you read them and you are obligated to, they outline the process that is used to do an rvi assessment and the
plan will be. >> once they understand what their use is that will drive the kind of repair they want to make. changes and use also triggers seismic code. it could kick a cost into a need. additionally there's some piers that the seismic work may not be done that maybe triggered by code >> i guess i was getting more into the weeds in terms of when we start a project is there too months to get a sense or is it two or 3 months to get an idea of when we sort of figure out when this will be. >> almost any structure is going to trigger seismic but it is going to be a certain weight and then how much of seismic is going to be triggered and what does that mean and what does that cost. that third step is the hardest it happened with pier one. almost invariable when we change use we have changes but the codes may not have been met. it's very if i but we want to know if that's going to be triggered or not >> do we get 6 months to a year to start figuring out the allocations that's what i want to know how far in advance will we need to make the adjustment. >> it is designed not to trigger se
in the future. thank you. [ applause ] >> i saw merl and larry, if you want to join us. as we said, this building is complex. and it starts with the funding. it will get more complicated with the construction pretty soon, but it has really been an unbelievable group effort to pull together the different funders of this work. we heard about the koret's foundation amazing con tributionss and i know there have been so many amazing contributions on the st. anthony side. for an affordable housing project for this it takes incredible people and we start with hud, who supplied over $20 million to make this project possible. larry ferguson is here, the director of the hud 202 programs that gets the senior housing funds and an important thing to know about the hud 202 programs not only do they provide capital, but a rental subsidy. so seniors on social security, or even less income don't have to worry about whether they can make a $1,000 rent payment. they pay 30% of whatever they can pay and the federal government helps us make up the difference, so we can keep people housed. there are fo
always use for hope advocating for that and to that end we are advocating very hard. to your point also not being able to get on with the maritime. oftentimes it's the peapron. whether it's a public works project we are building those and we know there's demand. to that end i want to deliver the point that pier 17 was rebuilt and now the south side of 15 so those will be coming online >> obviously we're trying to figure out the next step. it sound we've got some new issues and i would ask that it's going to be sort of your new forecast. do you think when you come back next time are you going to have the rate of the issues of financing are we going to find ourselves with double financing issues >> i think we've got everything studied and we've got a rapid - we've got a very good handle on our port out lines including the yellow and red tags. the red tags could collapse we're going to increase our inspections. we would retag them and move on them to get the full facilities assessed. we're going to go back and look at those every 6 months or so and is if there's any imminent collapsing t
of my favorite culture artists is here tonight. jason, thank you for being on culturewire. tell us about some of your posters that we have here today. >> most of the posters here are four specific shows or tours. i am hired by the bands or the venue. >> what is the inspiration behind these posters? >> no, disease of the related to the bay and, of course. music -- it is related to the band, of course the musical content or isn't related to the bed. album covers can come from anywhere. ♪ ♪ >> class actress was great. we have been having so much fun. i did not realize how beautiful the cal academy looks than that. what other events take place here? >> we do corporate events that night on a regular basis. but nightlife is your best bet to come in as a regular person phmacy the academy at night, and visit with friends. calacademy.org/nightlife. we have details for the next few weeks. you can get tickets online in advance or at the door. >> thank you so much. thank you for watching culturewire on sf gov tv. >> bonnie banks. bonnie banks. my definition of noise is uncontrolled music. withou
by this commission relative to out reach. we know how important it is and we know that it is very useful, in advance of and obviously of the things coming forward but, i don't know that we can take punitive action if that is what you are asking me. >> i don't see how we can do that. >> i tend to agree. >> you are done. >> any other questions? >> are they currently operating after 2:00 >> yeah. >> that is why... >> i get it now. >> not after this moment. >> so, to that end, we have to do something and maybe a larger type face that every time a conditional permit is granted, that it says you may not operate until this permit is finalized. because the people walk out of here and think that they have a permit. >> just for historical, i don't know, value, or whatever. we used to have them sign something and i have to get up after i would do this presentation to the commission and i would run after them out of the door and get them to sign something that says that i understand. none of that is fool proof. for the most part the process that we take the people through, you know, leads them to a point that t
unified public school teachers came and learned to use cooking for the core standards. we range all over the place. we really want everyone to feel like they can be included in the conversation. a lot of organizations i think which say we're going to teach cooking or we're going to teach gardening, or we're going to get in the policy side of the food from conversation. we say all of that is connected and we want to provide a place that feels really community oriented where you can be interested in multiple of those things or one of those things and have an entree point to meet people. we want to build community and we're using food as a means to that end. >> we have a wonderful organization to be involved with obviously coming from buy right where really everyone is treated very much like family. coming into 18 reasons which even more community focused is such a treat. we have these events in the evening and we really try and bring people together. people come in in groups, meet friends that they didn't even know they had before. our whole set up is focused on communal table. you can sit
action of the board of supervisors once that special use district goes into law, we'll be able to move forward with the demolition of the building starting within the next couple of months so that we can keep our original timeline, which you'll recall that was to have the shaft built in time for the tunnel boring machines which are set to arrive about 12 to 15 months from now in north beach. so, that i think summarizes what we have before you. i just want to thank the many staff and the mayor and the board president for their work to get this done, and happy to take questions either now or after public comment. >> we can certainly ask members of the public to come forward at this point. do we have some names? >> yes, for item 11 greg gi ber, howard wong [speaker not understood]. those are the first three. >> good afternoon, sir. >>> good afternoon. thank you for allowing me to speak here. just now and again at the january public meeting on north beach, director reiskin assured us that this boring site, this would only be for the removal of the tunnel boring machines. with that restrict
, secondly i want to acknowledge and thank the carpenters for highlighting us in the january edition of the magazine. they have a really nice article in there about the transbay project and the importance of labor in their continued support to our project over many years, thank you very much for acknowledging us and the magazine. and in addition, board members, i did sign out a letter from anvill builders as you may recall. it is a company that we awarded a contract to in november of last year for 9, 250,000, million, and they sent a letter thanking us for all of the work that we are doing regarding minority owned business and i want to thank everyone because we are doing a good job in that area. in addition, i wanted to report that last saturday, there was a very tragic incident that occurred on third street where a bicyclist was killed in a collision with a cement truck. and i know that our chair person kim has been very concerned about traffic and safety for pedestrians and bicyclists which is busy in that area understandable because we have a lot of events and on that particular
, we don't have the money to pay for a third reviewer. it is very expensive, it was done by the u.s. security team and done by dbs and a whole slew of other consultants. we don't have the funding to bring in yet a third reviewer, but what we can do is we can be presented this to our funding partners and to the fra and the fta and happy to bring you any comments that they may have. we have many third party reviewers looking at this at the request of the fire department for example. as the director mentioned we brought this number down and just to give you a perspective. we were upwards in security and other costs and we are down to 164.5. and the rva item is down from 64 million to 56 million that is what the recommendation of going to a metal skin. we went from the gt ceiling making it metal ceiling making it safer and we recommend going to a glass skin to a metal skin which will be lovely as well and we will show you the rendering. we have just about cut as much as we could possibly cut but do think that it is important to present the information that kim requested and we will do t
levels in phase one and it was a significant benefit to the program to allow us to mid gate both the risks of phase one, and face two construction of the transit center. to provide a rail-ready transit center to improve the ground floor design of the transit center by providing program space below grade where we could locate a number of utility and back of house programs freing up the ground level to more publicly, public programs and retail programs. and it also by funding the first phase of construction, allowed it more time for the land sale market in the bay area to recover, improving our financing picture in total for phase one. so, in may, 2010, the board adopted the revised base line budget incorporating the funding of 1589 billion. the revised base line budget included cost estimates based on our 50 percent designed development documents from pelly clark pelly and estimates compared from their consultants as well as the web corp and the additional that we received through value engineering and it reflected the actual costs of constructing the temporary terminal and the bi
. and the issue is for us, we want health and safety for the neighborhood. the developer has proposed a essentially 20% increase over 17% of the sidewalk going up the hill. right at the precipice where the water starts coming down the hill on the street very rapidly. and we don't want to suffer repercussions if the major event does happen and the sidewalk is to be flooded on the properties down below to be flooded from the sidewalk cut. there's a reason, it's a difficult property, we understand, to build on. and we have to give the developer and the owner credit. they made major modifications for this development and we appreciate that. we just want to be sure that this is adequate, that their planning is adequate to prevent flooding. thank you very much. >> next speaker. >>> good afternoon, members of the board. [speaker not understood], consulting. i have been working on this project since 2008. the project came underway because of the economy downturn for about a year. but a good two or three years we've been nonstop working on this project to meet with the neighborhood, to satisfy
. the first place poster altogether for all of us to see. i would like to name everybody. community youth center of san francisco, the young asian women against violence youth participant jennifer chang. kimberly how. erica lam. allie lee. adriana wen (sounds like) diana -- and amy ung. congratulations everybody. (applause) (applause) (applause) good job everybody. thank you. and so at this time supervisor -- or do i give it back to -- nancy. thank you again. >> at this time we would like to call supervisor carmen chu. (applause) >> i think that is part of the program they wanted the winners to perhaps say a few words. >> thank you for choosing our picture. we were really surprised when you did. we are really happy. (applause) >> we were very surprised. thank you very much. (applause) >> i'm tiffany chung, so happy to be recognized in such a way. thank you very much. (applause) >> hi. i name is amy. thank you for letting us having this opportunity to make this poster and also recognize us. thank you. (applause) >> thank you. i want to thank mayor lee and the members of the collabor
. it was impressive the level of data they have and how they're able to use it to try and increase safety on the buses. so, i'm wondering do we have or will we be getting that same level of data for bike and pedestrian safety? i know it's not as easy to gather since i think a lot of those muni calls either involve the police or are 311 calls. but it would be interesting to know if that same level of data exists for bike and ped because it can help in our safety quest. >> we can ask [speaker not understood] reiskin. >> one other item. i feel that from our day long strategy meeting that we may have left some sort of hanging unanswered questions from staff, particularly on the bicycle strategy where on the last page we were asked if we wanted to ask staff to focus on hot spots or corridors. and we don't -- obviously can't stay with us. discuss it today, but i wonder if we need to come back and retouch on that. * it occurred to me on this weekend when i was riding that we have a bike strategy, we have a pedestrian strategy, but we don't really have a corridor strategy yet, which i know will evolve out of
for grace cathedral for welcoming us andel rio tonight will be tans adancing all night long and what better place to rise than at san francisco's beautiful city hall and to celebrate van tine's day on the steps with mayor lee and president chiu and all of the elect of the officials and leaders and jewelery and all of woman in ant violence leader whore here and add are doing this work everyday along side all of you need i thank san francisco for riding san francisco is a very special place to be. as executive director i now live here it's a very special place and she send her love today from the congo. i just spoke to her today before we came on. i want to personally thank every single person in the mayor's office in the d a's office in the department of commission of status of woman, every single agency that works on this issue everyday from the bottom of my heart, and eve sends her love and thank you as well you have made made this rising happen and every single unof you have and on that node, i would like to welcome mayor lee. thank you. (applause) . all right how are you all doing?
's a big question there. i'm not used to seeing you here. so this is a good segue to an item later on the agenda and prepare for example the update of the prop k strategic plan and the five year prioritization program. that's the first place for us to coordinate with the mta and the other sponsors. without giving away too much of that presentation this body works with the sponsors to lay out the next five years of projects. in terms of delivering on time and on budget the most critical to watch is the n-judah customer first project. we helped partially fund a similar project on the [inaudible]. these are critical. it's really the first wave of implementation. these are not subject to the eir. they're accomplishing many of the same things and once it's approved it will make changes to that as well and that is what we will report back to you and on performance benefits as well. >> thank you. i am sure supervisors -- when it comes to that it's a big priority. thank you. >> commissioner breed. >> thank you. i just had a few questions. so this -- i notice that there weren't --
today, this is exciting. many of us have been waiting a long, long time for this day. of course we're all here today to celebrate something new. but when i look out on all of you gathered here, i see something very familiar about this gathering. yes, we're here to break ground on something new, a new buildings that will house the new st. anthony's dining room and 90 units of affordable housing for our seniors, sponsored by mercy. but when i look out and i see all of these different people gathered here, jones and golden gate, i'm sorry struck by how in so many ways it's very normal and natural. there is nothing different about today than other days. people hanging out, on this corner, is nothing new. yes, a new venture with mercy housing and st. anthony foundation in a very innovative and exciting collaboration. but also something very familiar. the francisans and sisters of mercy stepping up to help san francisco. [ applause ] there are some great old photos from right after the 1906 earthquake, and fire. one of them shows a line of people going right up the street here, on golden
that we have the memo before us. >> why don't we get through as much of 7 as we can. we do have a hard stop, i believe by noon. so, if we get passed a certain point i may stop this presentation and move on to the action items, 9 and 10 so we could at least pass those out of this board. why don't we continue from item number 7 as is. so i believe that mr. beck. >> why don't we get a motion. >> do we have a motion and a second? >> a motion and a second. >> and we will take a roll call vote. >> continuing item 8 to march and closed session to march. >> with that. director lloyd? >> aye. >> metcalf. >> aye. >> reiskin >>ite. >> ortiz. >> aye. kim >> aye. >> and so we will continue the downtown rail extension and closed session to march and go ahead and continue back to item seven. >> thank you. >> why don't we continue, mr. beck is coming up to go over, >> thank you very much. >> i don't know if you have any questions on the rva. >> i do but i am going to wait to hear the cost. >> okay. great. >> on the rva, he described the effort that went into the rva and the attention that was paid to
to join us as well. oftentimes we can learn from each other what are the better practices and what this coordination means in this day and age. it isn't just talking through but identifying the gaps that exist. and for our youth those gaps could be literally life dependent. and whether it's mental services. whether it's education. whether it's getting a referral to a job. or counseling. whether it's just those two days getting out of either incarceration or something to do with our criminal justice system. we have to pay more attention to the whole level of existence. and i want to thank all of the agency heads for coming here together. this is my understanding, the first time we have asked everybody to come together and to share what you are doing. as good as they might be, as great as they might be. that we still have gaps. and i would be the first to admit it in our city. while we are probably exhibiting of the most successful things we are doing. whether it's 5,000 more summer jobs. we will do more of that. and whether it's getting an exciting grant from the department of labor
of fun and that is the weekly buzz for more information about any of these events visit us at s f gvment gov tv dot ordinary care an >> bonnie banks. bonnie banks. my definition of noise is uncontrolled music. without format. pretty simple affair. pancakes, and you're -- people get up on sundays around noon, weekends or whatever. should not be too hard to walk into place. have your audio alarm clock go off for two hours waking your up while you are eating breakfast with many interesting visuals once in a while. improvisation. listening or not to the person you're playing up against or people or machines. trying to get as many different people in as possible. different genres, experimental noise, electronics, dissonance some drums.a tiny bit of ambient -- the first noise pancake shows, 1999, the first waffle noise, 2001. god-waffle noise, noise pancake came out of cubist art, place on mission street, brutallo, where the church -- opened up his house and saturday morning cartoons. a big space. you can have everybody set up and barely move equipment around; small room for an audience
't necessarily identify today but we use the five year prioritization process to identify and traffic calming and pedestrian and safety and signs and those are all programs and finally expansion and major capital projects and transit effectiveness project and these other projects, so one -- just to get us started one way of thinking about investment scenarios. well, just take the discretionary funds that we have and if you remember back to some of the revenue discussions in the past with information items there is 3.1 billions dollars in truly discretionary funds to prioritization through the sft p and split it among the groups i think close to .6 in each category, so that's one way of doing it, or you could think about addressing sort of a similar percentage of need in each category, and so this -- what you see is an example of that. take that 3.14 billion sort of achieve a certain similar percentage of the need in that category across all categories. and there are other ways to think about the guiding framework for the investment scenario. we could focus on sogr exclusively and we will
a quorum and >> and president newlin called to let us know that he would be absent. >> item number one is public comment. this is the time that the public can address us under the jurisdiction on items that are not on the agenda. is there a public comment? >> commissioners, mark, randy. i want to point out and remind everybody that on march, fourth, that the awards of san francisco, the nighttime entertainment awards will be held at the castro theater and the reason that i think that this is important, that if you start rewarding people for doing a good job with creative nighttime entertainment, i think that it is going to make the industry better and i hope that everybody goes. the tickets are fairly inexpensive and i think that they are $15. and it is going to be a great show and i hope that everybody will make it at 7:00, it starts. at the castro theater on the fourth. thanks. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment? >> seeing, none, i will take our new bedazzled and public comment is closed. >> all right. item number two. review and approval of the minutes. is there publ
has been used on occasion for private parties. and they serve brunch, lunch and dinner, the purpose of this application, according to the application is to allow the applicant to have live music which was a stimulation in this llp. and the performances would be indoor only. and at the locations designated on the diagram in your packet and so hopefully you found that. again, llp does require indoor only, ending at 10 p.m. and an accessory used for the primary use of the restaurant. >> would you please define accessory use, for the commissioners who don't know what that means. >> the planning department defines it as not more than 200 square feet of performance space within a location that is also primarily used for a different function, not an entertainment function. >> so there are a couple of people here, i know that there gluston here but i saw him come in the room. >> you are up. >> thank you for your time. my name is pete glustern. we have been opened at jones for two years this week, it is going great. we have got most of our operational stuff down to a science now. what we wou
going to use the memo as a background for these permits and hopefully we can move through these without any problems. this is as you said, a karaoke venue on japan down. and this is geary is in the same building as the japan town mall. it has individual karaoke rooms for rent and has been operating for a long time. this is one of those bringing them into compliance as we have talked about in the past by the process. they have worked with the staff and the station to talk about improved security and i believe that northern station, officer freus is here and can speak to what process he has gone through with the applicant. and we did get and i think that you should have it. in your packets. a list of conditions, but they are recommending approval with these conditions. in your package. so, i am not sure who you want to hear from first, is the applicant here? >> the applicant. >> that one is on. >> do you want to add anything to what i said? >> no? do you want to take some questions from the commission? >> do you speak english? >> do you understand completely? >> okay, i want to make sure
through saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.. no. 2 modified that no more than the square footage be used for alcoholic display. no. 4 the petitioner is responsible to main tain the area they control and lighting shall not disturb the normal privacy and any neighboring residents. no. 4 prohibited on sidewalks premises of license depicted on abc form. no. 7, no person under under the age of 21 shall sell or purchase alcohol. no. 9 no sales of mallet malt liquor or beers and wine coolers in 16 ounces or less cannot be sold in single containers. no. 11, no wine shall be sold with the alcohol content greater than 15 percent and wine aged more than two years. wine shall not be sold in bottles larger than -- no. 13, 14, the petitioner shall utilized electronic surveillance including all entrances and exits. this should about utilize during all hours. it should be made available to the department and police department upon demand. as of today. katie grease an agrees with the conditions. >> thank you. for the information. in our file is one letter of protest but quite a few letters in suppo
of principles, rather than specific positions on bills. as it will allow for us to carry out common positions that reflect either our own growth and objectives with protecting and increasing transportation revenue and allow us to work with other authorities across the state and ntc. and other partners. we have also conducted with the mayor's office on these principles and we are going to work forward to hopefully establish some of these to become real. over the last year, we have actually recognized some successes from the legislative program, and the subway has reached its full funding grant agreement and advocating for significant appropriations for high speed rail at the state level and map 21, the federal bill guide and appropriations have been authorized through 2014 and significant expansion of tifia, for large projects in particular. we also have seen a parody with the tax benefit for transit at $240 a month which will carry through for the end of 2013. this is parody with the parking pretext benefits. so with this in hand, we make recommendations for a 2013 program, which will begin o
this committee to comment on the goals and ofblgz but there's a certain item we can use in the discretion if you feel that if we're to interview other people out in the public we can do that >> thank you just a point for clarification. when you begin the interview process is anyone - will there be any part of this body that will be allowed to take part in the process? >> yeah. for the potential candidate. >> but also open to this committee and the staff. >> let me clarify the candidates from the short list is by this committee. so we can screen the top candidates. this committee then could conduct the interviews. those interviews would be private? >> yes speaking those would be in closed session for the specific candidate. >> thank you for the clarification. >> and continuing down the schedule we have after the full month recruitment we have another meeting on may 6th and may 13 to interview the top candidates and then on the may meeting we would bring the recommendation to the board to appoint a new executive director and hopefully it will happen on july 1st. questions about some of the
special use district that has been in place for a number of years that creates restriction on what kind of business can go in there. anytime you place limitations there are unintended consequences. we are dealing with tweaking that as well, the point is that what works in one neighborhood may not necessarily work in another and whatever you come up with something that should be reflecting have what the neighborhood needs and what the community wants. what i see here is a compromise that strikes i think a good balance among the various interest with something like this i think a good deal of deferens should be given to the supervisor and the community who understand the ground to represent that district w that i -- and by the way, a couple points i know that i would expect walgreen's to continue to work with the community. this is approved to continue with the district of supervisor and it's great to see there will be 30 union jobs created and i'm sure walgreen's will make sure we have a diverse population of the work force and would encourage that and kudos to the community groups and
and the ortearial track and the schools track. the mta is looking to rebalance the program and by and large used for the streets track and look at the other two tracks and not to eliminate it but shift more resources to the other two tracks where speeding and accidents are happening in the city. in october 2012 the mta did a presentation about the local streets track revision. this presentation is on the commercial and arterial and school track revision so all three pieces are coming together. we will come back next month with a revision to the program priorities and also hopefully an amendment to the fiscal 2013-2014 of this for prop k. we do a comprehensive update on this for traffic calming. you will see a much larger program that encompasses all the changes before you and the next action item is for the fiscal year 2013-2014 and to solidify the policy items for today. i believe that is it for me. >> thank you. >> good morning mr. chair and commissioners. thank you so much for having me today. i am marian [inaudible] and with the san francisco municipal transportation agency and it's
with the ramp program has to do with people using the medallion just to go to the airport and take what doesn't fit in a prius or an escape. i've had that concern for sometime now. i've addressed that with sfo people on how to handle that. what's happening is now that we have the 8,000 series and these other vehicles that are being added and i believe you're probably going to see another spike in hybrid medallions, but you do need incentivized drivers who don't have a medallion down the road for them to still service that very important community. i've given a suggestion previously, and i'm going to bring it again to you. you need to work with the para transit coordinating council and the broker to subsidize the time and gas that is aped expended by the drivers who actually have a good heart. but it's not economically feasible to do so because the medallion -- the price of the medallion holders are being paid by the companies won't be there for ever. that's going to sunset like everything else is sunseting. and i believe if we subsidize those rides 5, $7 a ride, so, there's work being done on
as well do friday and if it is a big problem, comes back to us and we... >> so there is a friendly amendment to the motion, do you accept it? >> yes, i accept that. >> and since you are the second and you made it i assuming that you accept it. >> yes, i do. >> is there any further discussion in >> sorry. >> i think i am inclined to support it, but i do hear the complaints about the neighbors and i am curious if we can at least schedule them to come back in six months and make sure that they kind of just report back. and i do have appreciate the tenant that came and said that you were willing to offer, double pained windows and i think that those are really good gracious moves. so it is more than an offer. i think that those are really i think, really great to see. so i am not too worried. >> am i wrong to say that to come back in 6 months to revisit this? that is correct? >> it makes or tends to put it in a permit condition. >> yeah. >> it cannot be a permit condition and i think that it should be on the applicant to schedule that six months. it should not be on the staff to remind
, the topic is close. >> i had a question, my brother lives close to this area, to miss hirsch who gave us her presentation. the area from lake shore plaza to before 23rd avenue, i'm wondering why that area was chosen. i did notice the bike lanes. it's an $800,000 grant. i have curiosity about why this stretch was chosen and how it enhances the i am improvements that have been in the pass like the bike lane. >> certainly, these scene scene intersections were chosen largely because of the need as well as the fit with the funding source. these highway safety improvement grants require a very stated driven cost analysis and to the kinds of accidents happened and kind of treatments and the kind of values determined to reduce accidents and that's how we selected these intersectioned. they do have a repaving project insulated for 2014. we are working to minimize disruption to that area. >> thank you. very much. >> supervisor yee. >> yes. i want to alert the public and thank you for being concerned about pedestrian safety. we are going to have a meeting some time in march and i welcome people to co
the fact that all of us even though he's not in district 9 we hear from him on different issues that identifies out there and i think that kind of enthusiasm should be reawarded and i am happy to support his reappointment. >> thank you. i wanted to to ask ms. geary we have district three rep and a district six rep and i am wondering -- so mr. flanagan is in the mix of these applicants even though we don't have his application so he is being considered. there is a bunch of people in district three and six on the list as well. are we to defer to the supervisors for these appointments? i think we heard from commissioner kim for her preference. have he heard from supervisor david chiu of district three? >> no. we have not yet heard from supervisor chiu. >> okay. >> regarding the question the appointees are not district specific so they are traditionally have been to ensure that we have representation throughout the city, all perspectives are represented. traditionally i think we have -- our experience has been that there's been some deference to the actual commissioner regard
can't have it. >> commissioner joseph is right, it would be pretty... it would not be possible for us to curtain these. >> so when people leave to go out to smoke. >> they are always closed. >> how do they get outside? >> we open and close one of them at the end of the bar. >> do you actually have a security there that opens and closes for them? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> the doors that we use for the main space are way up front. they are away from the main bar and away from all of the noise. the doors on the patio structure, are actually the doors on the patio are not center pivot. they are double doors that open, that open out. so we could conceivablely if it was yesterday curtain them. >> i think that is where a lot of your problems are coming from, i think. >> well, we actually don't have music we don't... >> it is not that. it is music travels. >> depending on how loud it is inside. >> we are just trying to mitigate. and help you out, too. >> conceivablely we could curtain them if it became an issue on the patio, the doors to the main space we couldn't. the other thing too is that we c
ready to take place here. tell us a little about what we can expect to see at nightlife. >> we open up the doors every thursday night at the california academy of sciences. there are certain things you can see every week you can go to the museum, visit the planetarium, and we bring in bars and a deejay or band. it is a different feel from during the day, something different every week. tonight , we have beer and music. -- tonight we have great beer and music. it is beer week. we have a dozen local brewers in african hall. we have a deejays to set up throughout the museum and a live performance at 9:00 p.m. tonight. >> what has been your favorite part as a participant or as an observer? >> my favorite part is to walk around the aquarium in to see people with a drink in their hands, getting to know maybe somebody new, may be looking for a day, or chatting with friends. there jellyfish. i mean, they are beautiful. >> the culmination of the animals. >> it is very impressive. we do not have this at home. >> tell us a little about some of the spider's we see here on display. >> at the califo
it is a memborial trying to get us to interpret history and look to the past. they have always been about lacking at the past so we proceed forward and maybe don't commit the same mistakes. >> we're ready to begin the meeting, everyone. good morning. today is wednesday, february 20th, 2013. this is the meeting of the abatement appeals board. i would like to remind everyone to turn off all electronic devices. the first item on the japed is roll call. president clinch? >> here. >> vice president mel berg? >> here. >> commissioner lee? >> here. >> commissioner mar? >> here. >> commissioner mccarthy? >> here. >> and commissioner walker? >> here. >> and commissioner mccray is excused. we have a quorum. and the next item is item e, the oath. would all persons that may be giving testimony today please stand and raise your right hand? do you swear that the testimony you are about to give is the truth to the best of your knowledge? >> yes. >> thank you. you may be seated. next item is item c, approval of minutes, discussion of possible action to adopt the minutes for the meeting held on october 24th, 2012
to the first-ever transitional youth forum that is being held here. i think it's important for us to recognize there a difference between those of the ages of 18-25, and someone that is older or someone that is below. the criminal justice system doesn't always recognize the difference. i can tell you if we look at a study that has been done. and like the u.k. or look deeply in the process of younger people. and the reality that there is a role to the social development of the age group between 18-25. and the fact involved and the psychological world has recognized this long ago. but the criminal justice system has not. and to address the solution and do in a thoughtful way to avoid incarceration and the impact of this young life is important. i think here in san francisco, we are in a long way of other communities recognizing the need to do this. and working with the young people to reduce incarceration and to involve the right services. i am excited about this. and i want you to take away one other piece. but the british are further away in this area, because they have spent the money and res
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